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ZK 100
Manual Tabletop

Extraordinary manual and compact tabletop. Ideal for lab tests and excellent for reduced space.

ZK 100 Manual Tabletop description

The manual tabletop was designed by our engineers for laboratory use. This means that the design focuses on leak test for small production volumes and batches. Due to the low volume of parts that can be tested in this model, it is a manual model that requires constant human-machine interaction.
The ZK 100 allows fast and easy installation, and low dependence on maintenance and repair, making it the simplest model within our range. This model, like the others, has accessories/apps, that can be added or removed, depending on the user´s needs. It is important to consider that the addition or removal of equipment may change the quotation price of the tabletop.

ZK 100 - Manual Tabletop

Name Manual Tabletop
Model ZK 100
Test pressure 0.1 - 2 Bar
Leak range Dependent on the equipment characteristics
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 300
Voltage 110 V

Basics characteristics

· Leak test equipment

Additional accessories / applications for the model

· PC

· Software for traceability


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