ZK 400 - Estación Automática

ZK 400
Automatic Station

Unique automatic station designed for autonomous manufacturing cells. Thought for high production volumes, having in mind security at all times and considering every customer needs.

ZK 400 Automatic Station description

This is the most complete model of our range. Designed exclusively for autonomous manufacturing cells. This model allows complete automation, being able to eliminate the need for human interaction. The ZK 300, is a station of large dimensions that allows the user to reduce information processing time, provides security and allows large volumes to be processed.
This model like the others, has additional accessories/applications that can be added or removed, depending on the user´s needs. It is important to consider that the addition or removal of equipment may change the quotation price of the station.

ZK 400 - Automatic Station

Name Automatic Station
Model ZK 400
Test pressure 0.1 - 30 Bar
Leak range Dependent on the equipment characteristics
Dimensions 1m x 1.2m x 2.2m
Voltage 220 V

Basics characteristics

· Leak test equipment


· Pneumatic

· Booster and air tank

· Security curtain

Additional accessories / applications for the model

· PC

· Software for traceability


· Robot load assistance

· Load/unload conveyor assistance

· Barcode scanner

Options on applications for ZK 400 model

· Component verificaion

· Marking options:
· Laser
· Dot peen
· Impact


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